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Thank you for applying for Parkes & Co LLc

Customer Service Opportunity

By now, you should have been received our Parkes & Co LLc Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete Agreement by email as an attachment, printed it, signed it and uploaded it back to your Profile on the Stride2Hire Candidate Portal.   

The next step will be to fill out your information on the Arise website. 

  1.  Please Register on the following website:

Sign-up instructions 1.png

2. Enter your Personal info

Sign-up instructions 2.png

3. Select to (I don't have a referral code)

Sign-up instructions 3.png

4. Complete your registration

Sign-up instructions 4.png

5. Validate your Contact Info

6. You will receive an TEXT message to confirm

Sign-up instructions 5.png

7. You will then proceed to Finish Registering after a seeing a preview of some of the current opportunities available.

Sign-up instructions 6.png
Sign-up instructions 7.png



8. Go ahead and select Agent Working for a Service Partner


9 They will also ask for your: 

  • Social Security Number 

  • Date of Birth 


This information will be used for the $30 Background Screening.

Sign-up instructions 9.png

10. Register as an AGENT working for a SERVICE PARTNER

Sign-up instructions 10.png

11. It will ask you for the Company ID:   219439  

The call center ID will populate   Parkes & CO LLC

Sign-up instructions 10.png

12. Complete waivers

Sign-up instructions 12.png

13. Contact us to Finanlize

Sign-up instructions 13.png

14. There will be a message that you have to be approved by your Call Center.  Turnaround time 24 hours






You will receive an email from Stride 2 Hire that we have verified your enrollment.


Once you receive our email that your employment with Arise has been verified you may continue.




15. Complete Assessment

go stop person_edited.jpg
go stop person_edited.jpg
Sign-up instructions 13.png

16. Pick your Opportunity


17. Complete Background Check with 7 years of Residential History.  You MUST submit a payment of $30


Once your Background Screening is complete, the portal will prompt you to verify your email if you haven’t already done so.    

Please check your SPAM/JUNK folders for an email from

Deploy Admin <>

Sign up for our Arise CSR Website for Pay information and Training Tips!

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